Thursday, December 3, 2015

Yet another depressing article about student loan debt

Student loan debt continues to be a hot button issue in America.  In some cases, people can easily accumulate tens of thousands of dollars of student loan debt.  In this case (rare albeit), a high school teacher racked up $410,000 of student loan debt!

Her story is not typical, since most people have much less student loan debt than this, but it still helps illustrate the problem of student loan debt in our country.

Student Debt in America: Lend With a Smile, Collect With a Fist

Liz Kelley, left, and her sister and fellow teacher, Sheryl Silverberg, 45, at Ms. Kelley's home in Ballwin, Mo. Ms. Kelley, a high school English teacher and mother of four, has accrued $410,000 in student loan debt.Credit      -Whitney Curtis for The New York Times
The American student loan crisis is often seen as a problem of profligacy and predation. Wasteful colleges raise tuition every year, we are told, even as middle-class wages stagnate and unscrupulous for-profit colleges bilk the unwary. The result is mounting unmanageable debt.

Read the whole article from the NY Times, here.