Friday, October 23, 2015

Pay Debts With Blood or Go to Jail: The New Reality If You Don't Have Cash

Here is a great article about the reality of not paying debts and court fines for many people.

“What we’re seeing is that in cities big and small, urban and rural people are being jailed, because they can’t afford to pay fines. [And] what appears to be fueling the rise of debtors' prisons is the tightening of municipal budgets and the desire to look towards fines and fees as a source of municipal revenue.”
Many of my clients have several thousands of dollars of unpaid tickets and fines. Once you have your driver's license suspended it is very difficult to reinstate your license through the State.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy offers a more affordable repayment plan for your debt, and you can avoid jail time for driving with a suspended license.

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